Find out more about the beauties of Friuli Venezia Giulia...

Here are some suggestions on places to see and experiences to do:

UNESCO heritage site of great archaeological importance, famous and renowned for its mosaics. You can visit: the Domus of Tito Macro, the archaeological museum, the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, the Paleochristian museum, the Roman Forum.

Small town located between the sea and the lagoon is often also called “Golden Island”. Its historic center, with its Venetian charm, is ideal for a stroll or a romantic dinner.

One of the most famous towns in Friuli, sadly remembered for the earthquake that struck the region in 1976. The city has been rebuilt but still has some ruins as evidence of its past. Definitely worth visiting is the Gothic Cathedral.

Must-see attractions in this locality are: Palazzo degli Scaligeri and Palazzo Zinutti, the Cathedral, the Chapel of San Michele (seat of the Mummies of Venzone), the Town Hall, Palazzo Orgnani Martina and the remains of the Church of S. Giovanni Battista. An ancient Celtic path leads to the discovery of some small churches around the town.

Dominated by its Renaissance castle, this city is welcoming and very suggestive. Not to be missed is Piazza della Libertà considered “the most beautiful Venetian square on the mainland”, the Duomo, via Mercatovecchio for shopping and Piazza Matteotti to enjoy a good glass of wine.

UNESCO site thanks to the presence of evidence of the Lombard domination in Italy. Walking through the historic village it is possible to admire the Cathedral, the Christian Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, the Lombard Temple inside the Monastery of Santa Maria in Valle. It will also be very suggestive to cross the famous Devil’s Bridge and taste a local wine.

Fortress-city famous for its nine-pointed star layout. A historical tour between the center and the various museums will allow you to retrace the history of the city from its foundation to the Great War.

This town represents an important historical and artistic testimony of the Medieval and Renaissance period. After visiting the city, in a nearby location it will be possible to make an unforgettable trek accompanied by alpacas and buy many local products such as saffron, honey and jams.

This magical place is ideal for a day immersed in nature taking a long walk around the lakes. Numerous paths of different lengths and difficulties that can be traveled on foot or by bicycle also start from here.

At the top of this 1790-meter mountain there is a very small, very suggestive village where there is also a Sanctuary. This is the ideal destination to spend a few hours between nature, history, prayer and recreation.

Not far from Trieste you can immerse yourself in the green hills to taste renowned wines and local products. From the beautiful city of Gorizia it is possible to embark on an unforgettable tour through the Collio Goriziano to discover its delicacies. The tour touches renowned food and wine locations such as Cormons and Capriva del Friuli.

San Daniele del Friuli is a pretty town renowned all over the world for its famous PDO raw ham. Here it will be possible to visit the ham factories and taste their prestigious ham and other local products.


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